14 Days Into ProjectNOVO

Two Weeks in

Before ProjectNOVO started I was concerned about my overall planning power, I’m glad at least currently my plan’s are holding their weight. This is an update about my current status.

Week One –

Week one was hard, adapting to my new day to day, Learning from old mistakes I took my time to employ as many safe guards as I could. The first few days were more exciting than anything else. Having all these new ‘rules’ in place made my days interesting.

Having inspiration to make the changes has been more important to me, in the first week I was fresh out of the gate and raring to make the changes for the better, as time goes on however I feel my strength being tested, and the old pre-Jake trying to worm his way through.

The ultimate goal for ProjectNOVO is to lose weight and be a better and healthier human being. So here’s some stats for my first week.

The ‘Exer’ Panel is empty because I only use the app for food not exercise as it appears to be broken.

Weight changes were as follows.

1st Jan 2012 (The start of Novo) I weighed 23.0.4 st
7th of Jan 2012 – I weighed 22.5.8

Week Two -

Week two was easier, but sadly more boring. With my new systems in place and my routine changed I have slotted into the ‘Checking everything before I eat it’ life style. And for the better, as my ‘Eat anything that looks nice’ life style was leading me quickly to a watery grave.

My friend Joe suggested weighing myself every 4 days in order to test and change certain aspect of what will henceforth be named the ‘NovoDiet’. So mid week I weighed myself and achieved another 4lb loss. After spending time researching all the parts of my plan I realise that some of my knowledge is not complete (ie. The importance of Protein).

At the end of the second week my weight was
22.1.4 st meaning I’ve almost lost a stone in a fortnight, Which is good going imo.


The urge for someone my size to lose weight quickly is common ground. But I’ve realised that ‘what comes off quickly can go back on quicker’ So my aim is to lose around 2lb per weigh date. The point of losing weight isn’t to lose it quickly its to lose it permanently.


Thanks for reading – Video’s coming soon I hope.


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